What are some values and traditions of africa


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that traditions have ancient history, many traditions have been invented on purpose, whether that be political or cultural, over short periods of time39 KB (4,497 words) - 00:49, 3 June 2017Sub-Saharan African music traditionsSub-Saharan African music traditions exhibit so many common features that they may in some respects be thought of as constituting a single musical system64 KB (7,373 words) - 01:35, 5 June 2017African philosophyand culture, and continuing through the development of the major regional philosophical traditions of North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, and the30 KB (3,626 words) - 09:57, 30 May 2017Anarchism in Africain Africa refers both to purported anarchic political organisation of some traditional African societies and to modern anarchist movements in Africa.12 KB (1,272 words) - 07:28, 4 June 2017World Values SurveyWorld Values Survey (WVS) is a global research project that explores people’s values and beliefs, how they change over time and what social and political47 KB (5,147 words) - 09:12, 18 May 2017African aestheticIt is interesting that what remains a spiritual principle in some parts of Africa and the rare African-influenced portions of the modern U.S.A., such3 KB (386 words) - 05:38, 7 May 2017West AfricaWest Africa, also called Western Africa and the West of Africa, is the westernmost subregion of Africa. West Africa has been defined as including 18 countries:54 KB (5,540 words) - 06:01, 6 June 2017Oral traditionTradition. Retrieved 2012-10-23.  Boni, Stefano. Contents and contexts : the rhetoric of oral traditions in the oman of Sefwi Wiawso, Ghana. Africa.48 KB (6,180 words) - 07:51, 6 June 2017Adult education in Africaeducational traditions, many universities and other institutes of higher education take it upon themselves to develop a new approach to higher education and adult13 KB (1,730 words) - 18:07, 11 February 2017List of African Great Lakes kingdomsand had similar and yet sometimes distinct cultures, values and traditions. The Great Lakes kingdoms were found in Southeast Africa and some parts of9 KB (1,303 words) - 00:57, 19 February 2016Languages of AfricaThe languages of Africa comprise between 1,250 to 2,100, and by some counts over 3,000, languages spoken natively in Africa. They are divided into six44 KB (3,971 words) - 17:40, 29 May 2017Architecture of Africaarchitectural traditions. In some cases, broader styles can be identified, such as the Sahelian architecture of an area of West Africa. One common theme47 KB (6,007 words) - 07:04, 27 May 2017List of religions and spiritual traditionshave narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the universe. They36 KB (3,054 words) - 03:53, 3 June 2017Sub-Saharan Africacountries that are fully or partially located south of the Sahara. It contrasts with North Africa, whose territories are part of the League of Arab states133 KB (13,419 words) - 14:43, 3 June 2017African-American cultureAfrican-American traditions continued to flourish, as distinctive traditions or radical innovations in music, art, literature, religion, cuisine, and94 KB (11,202 words) - 23:40, 3 June 2017African artsuch as the art of African Americans. Despite this diversity, there are some unifying artistic themes when considering the totality of the visual culture55 KB (7,810 words) - 21:08, 24 May 2017Afrocentric education (redirect from African-Centered Education)African traditions, rituals, values, and symbols will provide a learning environment that is more congruent with the lifestyles and values of African-American26 KB (3,584 words) - 21:26, 24 May 2017Value-formthat their values relative to each other are established, and they can all be expressed in some or other commodity-equivalent. The expanded value-form expression

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