What is the purpose of the rules?

ps: if you are a filipino, translate it to tagalog.


Is it humble? I think...



humbling(Noun) An event which causes humbleness; a set-down. humbling(Adjective) Of higher rank, status, quality, strength, etc.; inducing a feeling of inferiority.

Anybody with even a tiny bit of conscience goes through self-reflection from time to time, It is a way of looking at ourselves from the outside. This usually happens when we regret something or is struck by an unfortunate incident. After doing so, depending on the type of person that is doing the self-assessment, he or she may justify it and say “hey, that is the way things are”. But for those who are honest and objective, changing what is obviously wrong about oneself would be the next step, because it is the only logical thing to do. Reflection leads to acceptance of what happened, you tend to move forward in a positive direction which will most like improve your life and everyone around you. This is why the Filipino people and everyone around the world should translate reflection into action.

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what is the question to translite

Ang rules o patakaran ay basehan at gabay sa mga mamamayan . Nakasaad dito ang dapat sundin na patakaran para sa kaayusan at kapayapaan ng bawat indibidual .

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