"Banished to the tower of doom"

What literary device is that quote?


What? you want to know the reasons why students are not allowed to bring gadgets?

1. the teacher will confiscate your cellphone and will bring it back jn the end of the school year.

2. if your having a test, and your using a phone, the teacher will think that your cheating or the teacher will think that your busy at your cellphone and your test will be blank.

3. if you bring a phone and somebody calls at your phone an your having a lesson and if the phone rings, everyone in the room eill concentrate at the noise that your phone is making. and your teacher will probably take your phone and send you a page slip.

4. if you are using your phone in the class while taking a lesson. an if the teacher asks you what is the lesson about and you don't know the lesson! for sure youre cellphone will be confiscated plus your patent's will be called by the teacher or even by the principal plus you will be grounded for the use of cellphone by your parents and maybe your phone can confiscate by your parents or may not bring your cellphone back!

grendel the murderous monster

grendel is a monster that seems to embody evil. he is given no definite shape and very little personality. he seeks to destroy. he kills without mercy. he cannot be reasoned with. in a scene in which he kills thirty sleeping men, grendel is described as 'insensible to pain and human sorrow.' he is a 'god-cursed brute' (lines 119-121). why would grendel do all of this? there are a few possible reasons. hrothgar, the king of heorot hall, which is the place grendel keeps attacking, believes that grendel is just evil by nature. grendel is called a 'fiend out of hell' and a 'banished monster.' this is how most of the characters in the story understand grendel. monsters are destructive - it's just what they do. but there is a more sympathetic way to understand him.

grendel has lived in the same place for a very, very long time. hrothgar is new to the neighborhood. when hrothgar built his mead hall, which is like a castle, he brought a lot of very noisy people to the area. they used the natural resources and disturbed grendel, and so grendel got mad (lines 86-90). not only were the neighbors too noisy, but they sang songs that reminded grendel about his status as an outcast. he is a 'banished monster' who is 'cursed,' which means that god has rejected him. and all day and night, hrothgar's people sing about god (lines 90 - 114). one way to understand grendel is as an outcast who feels harassed by hrothgar and his people. no matter how grendel's motives are explained, he poses a threat to hrothgar and everyone else at heorot hall. they need a hero. in walks beowulf!

c. when a person is afraid to speak in front of a large audience

"everyone is a genius. but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid"there albert einstein believes that everyone their own talent. as he was a drop out albert still shows his genius that he focus through his whole life. virtually saying that don't listen to other's insult, and find what is your talent and where you belong. albert einstein there shows strong positive attitude, and for me adventurous. not physically, but on what you can do

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