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Does the film 'parasite' follow dominant ideologies?
Does it reflect cultural tension?


it is being compared to a sport, or a play. everyone is a player or lives and acts on this world

our world is always changing,

constantly rearranging.

from ocean depths to mountain peaks,

mother nature moves and speaks.

while telling stories of our past

she tries to teach us how to last.

mankind, so smart, sometimes blind

leaves common sense far behind.

we're moving fast and living large,

forgetting mother nature's in charge.

amazed when she rings our bell,

sending us through living hell.

she can twist our steel, shake any city,

if her wrath you feel, we shall pity.

yet some who speak on her behalf,

i fear just seek the golden calf.

it's true, we must treat her right.

or we will incur a deadly plight.

treat her with distinction

or surely face extinction!


Yes. Yes


Because everything set in a movie

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