Construct a sentence using the infinitive/infinitive phrase in each item. Follow the indicated function. 1. to survive the pandemic (noun)


The advantages and disadvantages,  ambot wala ko kabalo sa answer 
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1. i think 'a horse that arrives early gets good drinking water' is just similar to 'the early bird catches the worm'. well, imagine if you came late to your class and the teacher has already given a quiz, you're automatically zero right? the proverb simply says arriving early gives one an advantage, just like the horse.

2. you can only have one captain / master of any given vessel. if 2 "captains" are trying to hard to be in charge, they are going to do more damage than good. ©

3. i don't understand the third tho. dunno, if it's a fragment or what.

4. you get yourself in so you must get yourself out. ©

fairy tale,folk lore,legend myth

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