In my last farewll was the persona effective in showing his interest to preserve significant values in his homeland? Justify.



3/4 -1/4=2/4 just subtract it .Simplified answer js = 1/2

If i were in someone else's shoes? it depends! if the person you're talking about is being bullied, i would put myself in his shoes and feel what he feels being bullied
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Capsule biography  is a  biography  in which all the important elements of a person's life are included. these elements are the following: name, birthdate, birthplace, parent's name, major achievements, death.

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He plucked and grabbed the strawberry.i will buy a new bag and a new dress.she is wearing a black dress and black shoes.alliyah is a good freind but not a sister.she is watching a...Read More
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Idont understand just pls clarify your question....Read More
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