4. How does Folktales and Legends contribute to your childhood?


The Effect of Folktales in One's Childhood Introduction

All stories that we hear as children have some form of impact on us in one way or another. They let us feel emotions, learn moral lessons, hear wonderful tales, and more. These characteristics apply for golf stories, and legend stories, which we will be discussing in this question.

So How Does it Affect Childhood? 1.) It advertises cultural identity All folk and legend stories are centred around a certain group or society of people who typically live, or used to live in a certain area in a certain period of time. This means that contained within these stories are a reflection of beliefs, traditions, and insights to what daily life is like inside these groups. They teach us more about our past, and gives us time to compare ourselves to them, and see if modern society adopted these beliefs and if so, why? It also encourages us to love and respect our own nation and its tradition. It shows us the history of our nation, and what it went through throughout the history of humankind. 2.) It advertises other cultures While it is encouraged to learn about our own culture, there is no harm in learning about the culture of others. It gives us a reflection of the culture, tradition, and beliefs of other countries. It gives us the ability to reflect on how our culture is different from theirs. They teach us their history and why and how they came to be what they are. 3.) It encourages children to love reading Folk and legend stories are practically history books turned storybooks. They provide entertainment whilst providing us valuable insight into their culture and beliefs. It's a good opportunity to get children to love reading, whilst teaching them various valuable lessons along the way.



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