Are clothes a matter of pure aesthetic taste, or does it make sense for clothes to become a subject in discussion of ethics? why? how about other forms of adornment, such as tattoos and piercings?â


I believe that it does make sense for clothes to become a discussion of ethics.  I believe this because cloths are a personal preference of different types of people.  




We must have a proper attire but the tattoos and piercings your body we disobey the law of the Lord as it is said in the Bible we must take care our body and our body is the temple. of God so if we pierc and put tattoos to our body is a abomination to God.

I think fashion (that is, clothes and adornments such as tattoos and piercings) should not become a subject of discussion in ethics because it is only a form of self-expression.  Fashion is a form of personal art.  Its sole objective is to showcase art, and not to defy ethics by having other people interpret somebody else’s manner of fashion.

However, there are certain obligations that we have to respect in terms of being ethical.  For example, proper dress code or grooming in the workplace or in school.  To observe decency and professionalism, we are expected to dress accordingly by not wearing too revealing blouses or tattered pants.

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Despite the opinions of the majority, I, personally, believe that clothes are mainly a matter of aesthetic taste, and somehow unreasonable to become a subject in a discussion of ethics.

When I started schooling, one of the first things I learned and repeatedly heard is that clothes are considered as needed in people’s lives, which is actually right. Additionally, clothing is not only worn for protection, but also to display an individual's aesthetic taste.

Even during early times, ancient people wore clothes just for their beauty. Case in point is the African clothing where their clothes are not mainly needed for warmth or protection due to the warm climate. As part of their culture, many tribes do not wear much at all.

Moreover, other forms of adornments, such as tattoos and piercings, are also a matter of aesthetic, a way to display creativity on their own body. Just to name a few, a pierced navel in ancient Egypt was a sign of royalty. Also, in sixteenth century China as well as in present-day Borneo, stretching the earlobes up to a dozen centimeters by wearing heavy earrings was thought ‘beautiful.’ These are only few yet undeniably extreme forms of adornments.

However, considering that the kind of clothing that we have now are not extreme just like other cultures, why are there still people who are continuously looking for reasons to find someone's clothing unethical and even gross? They even attack the person with different aesthetic tastes by criticizing him/her. Particularly, one of the toxic beliefs of today’s people is blaming someone’s clothing as a reason why there are rape cases happening.

With this, who should be more ashamed then of displaying unethical behavior? For me, they’re the people who are quick to judge just for the reason of seeing someone not conforming to their own standards.

Indeed, clothes display a matter of personal aesthetic taste. Applying the known phrase, “Everyone has a right to express himself/herself,” I strongly believe that it’s also a right to let someone choose to adorn himself/herself in various ways .

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