1. smoke + fog = 2.twist +fiddle= 3. picture + element =? ? 4. parachute + troops = 5. hanggle + tussle =? ?


Blended words are formed by merging two words based on their morphemes (the smallest unit in a language). It can also be a merge based on the sound or by combining phonemes (unit of sound). There's also the case where we merge the words by overlapping them onto another.

Here are examples of blended words and their root words:

smoke + fog =  smogtwist + fiddle =  twiddlepicture + element =  pixelparachute + troops =  paratroopshaggle + tussle = hassleWhat is the purpose of blending words?

The purpose of blending words or also called portmanteau, is to create new meaning.

Another type of forming new words is called Clipping, you may also find examples of clipped words and blended words through this link

The following are other examples of common blended words:

camera + recorder = camcorderinternet + citizen = netizenstay + vacation = staycationinformation + commercial = infomercialbreakfast + lunch = brunchmalicious + software = malwareemotion + icon = emoticonspoon + fork = sporkmotor + hotel = motelEurope + Asia = Eurasia

If you want to see more examples of blended words or portmanteau, please click this link

Other examples of blended words can also be found in this link


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