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NET INCOME / NET LOSS DETERMINEDWhat is Income Statement?  An income statement or profit and loss statement indicates the amount of profits or losses generated by a firm over a given time period.  A summary of the revenue and expenses of a business entity; giving information as to the results of operation for a specific period of time.   Usually monthly, quarterly or yearly. In its most basic form, the income statement may be represented by the following equation.       SALES (INCOME)- EXPENSES= PROFIT ( INCOME) OR LOSS

If sales is greater than expenses it is net income

If sales is lesser that expenses it is net loss


Redesion M.

Income Statement

As of  February 15, 2019

                                       Dr.                    Cr.                                             Balance

Revenue  :            P 4,500                                        

Total Revenue                                P 4,500              

Less: Expenses:

Raw Materials                    700                                        

Office Equipment               500

Total Expenses                                                  1,200

Net Income   /loss                                         P 3,300  net income

 What is the purpose of income statement?                                                                      

The income statement shows which of the following?

How to compute income statement

For example sales - purchase = total - expense = net income

Supply and Demand

When supply goes up, demand goes down and vice versa.

Isa sa nalalaman ko na nabubuhy sa taglamig ay strawberry

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