Ano ang apekto ng telecomunication industry sa philippines gdp ngayong 2020 ?​


Halimbawa ng personal factors na nakakaapekto sa pagbili ng consumer ay kanyang trabaho o work sa english. Halimbawa may isang nagtatrabaho sa opisina ang isa naman ay retirado na. Kapag bumili ng gamit ang nag-oopisina madalas ay mas mahal tulad ng pabango, damit at mga sapatos dahil parte ng kanilang trabaho ang pagiging presentable tingnan at dahil afford naman nila ito hindi tulad ng retirado na na hindi na masyado mahilig sa mga maporma o galante na damit.

economics is everything and it's important you know.

you are an economist itself like simpleng pag bubudget lang ng pera mo or allowance mo para mapahaba or makatipid and if you're asking what is the importance of the economics in the government you can figure it out easily. pag walang economics magiging poor(performance) ng pamahalaan.


Graft and CorruptionIneffective Judicial SystemLimited OwnershipRegulatory SystemValue-Added Tax (VAT)


The Philippine Government has made major strides in fighting graft and corruption.  President Duterte has stated he will not tolerate corruption and has even provided the Philippine public a hotline number to call to report inefficient and corrupt public servants.  Corruption, a constraint to business and outside investment, is a pervasive and long-standing challenge in the Philippines. The country’s ranking in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index has fluctuated; from 85 in 2014, 95 in 2015, 101 in 2016, 111 in 2017, and 99 out of 180 economies.The Philippines’ complex, slow, and complicated judicial system can inhibit the timely and fair resolution of commercial disputes. Most cases take many years to reach a final verdict. The Philippines has restricted foreign ownership in selected industries, including utilities and the media. See the Investment Climate Statement for more information on these restrictions. The Government also lists several professions where foreign participation is not allowed. Product registration, product standards, and environmental and labeling requirements place restrictions on certain products.  See Trade Regulations for additional information. The VAT is a 12 percent tax levied on the sale of all goods and services, including the imports of goods into the Philippines.  The VAT is an indirect tax which is generally passed on to the buyer/consumer.

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