Ano and advantage? at disadvantage?


Biodiversity is proportional to the natural sustainability of the ecosystem of a certain area. So when it's low, the sustainability may also be at stake. That is my opinion.

The three chemical sanitizers is chlorine, iodine, and quaternary ammonium



chlorine - types killing dangerous germs like bacteria viruses parasites chlorine helps reduce disagreeable idol there's in water. chloride also helps eliminate slime bacteria molds and algae that commonly grow in water supply reservoir.

iodine - the advantage of iodine sanitizers are that they can be used at muchlower pH levels and that they are less corrosive than chloridethe. The efficacy of iodine sanitizers is temperature dependent, however at high temperatures (above 80 degrees celsius) iodine become very corrosive.

quaternary ammonium - one of the advantages of quaternary ammonium disinfectant is that they do not damage clothing and carpets the way that oxidizing chemistry do they also non corrosive to metal pipes and other surfaces.


chlorine - chlorine can be very dangerous poison it can cause throat swelling and water filling in the lungs. chlorine is also used in goosebumps and was used frequently throughout WW1. it's a very toxic gas and very bad for the human body is inhaled.

iodine - the disadvantage of iodine sanitizer-and it's a big one-that iodine sanitizers are two to four times more costly than chloride sanitizers,depending on the formulation. another drawback is that the significant contact or residence time required for an effective microbal kill is longer.

quaternary ammomnium - when quaternary ammonium is make with organic matter it loses its effectiveness. this makes it an ineffective disinfectant in situiation where blood, urine, fecal matter or soil may be present .

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examples of chemical sanitizers or disinfectants:

1. alcohol

2. chlorine



1. a good solving agent, it is often used for cleaning surfaces, it is used to make hand sanitizers, alcohol pads and alcohol swabs to clean cut and wounds.

2. chlorine is used to disinfect water, and it is used to helps us clean all the germs.

3. the advantage of quaternary ammonium disinfectants is that they do not damage clothing , they are also non-corrosive to metal pipes and other surfaces.


1. it is not suitable for internal wounds or consumption, it should be use in a well- ventilated area due to inhilation.

2. it is a dangerous chemical, inhalation of chlorine can be lead to vomiting, coma, and even death. can cause burns to the skin and mucous membrane, they can produce system toxicity due to their curare-like properties.


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