1. Are the civil society and other organizations truly separated from the governments' action and policies?


Simile is comparing two things with the use of the words "as" or "like" while metaphor is comparing two things without the use of "as" or "like".

Guest and Receptionist


R: Good Morning sir

G: Good morning too

R: How are we today sir?

G: I'm doing great thank you

R: What can I do to help you?

G: I would like to book a room for me amd my family

R: absolutely sir, may I ask your ne please?

G: (name)

R:your number sir just incase there are changes


R: what type of room do you prefer sir? (shows different types of room)

G: I would like this one please (points at a room)

R:certainly sir, and when will you be staying?

G: on (date)

R: Thank you sir, it will just take a moment to process your reservation .


(after few minutes)

R: Sir, fortubately we have booked your reservation, we hope to see you soon and have a good day

G: Thank you, you too



His book has reflected the culture in the area of Mount Pinatubo and the attitude of the Filipinos after the eruption. It show hat no matter how destructive the calamities are, Filipinos always smile and help each other. Filipinos call it “Bayanihan”, which is a very good lesson that the book can reflect.


1. kung alam mo naman na wala na, wag ka ng umasa

2. kung minahal ka niya talaga hindi siya maghahanap ng iba.

3. tama na ang isang beses kang nagpakatanga, kotang-kota ka !

4. kung hindi ka na masaya bumitiw ka na kaysa naman ikaw pa ang mas lalong masaktan.

5. mahal ka niya, at mahal din niya ang isa, ano kayo buy one take

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