3. Tapal ubi merupakan makanan tradisi yang digemari
Oleh masy arakat desa pada masa lalu-
Pada pendapat anda, apakah langkah-langkah yang
kita lakukan untuk memnastikan pembuatan
tapai ubi dipelajari generasi kini?


Naimas ti sida mi nga adobo


Naimas ti sida mi nga adobo

1. lawyer they need to know the other side to see if who really is the victim and the perpetrator. communication comes in when  they relay and give their sides of the story for further studies and verification in court.

2. teachers use communication when they teach the pupils regardless of who is their students the perfect way of using it when they explain such lectures and there is interaction with the students meaning they understand and they relate with each other.

3. social workers when they interview their clients in data gathering they use communication social workers ask questions and clients give their answers.


all of them use communication to interact with each other.

For me, yes. whoever they are, if i love that person or if that person means a  lot to me, or if they are stranger,  i'll face danger just to save them. even though i don't know them, still, save them. because that thing is called 'heroism'. it's about saving one's life even though you risk you own life just to save them. i more want others to be saved than me because for me, everyone deserves to live so yeah, i don't care if i'll die or not. at least, i did my best to help someone

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