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answers:1. A.2. C.3. C./A. (Because scissors are plural in form but singular in meaning, but they are generally treated as plural.)4. B.5. A.6. D. (You don't need any of them anymo...Read More
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a cheerful wife is the spice of life. strauss, emanuel (1998). concise dictionary of european proverbs (abbreviated routledge. p. 20. isbn 0415160502.. a good mind possesses a kin...Read More
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1) the door was opened by the man.2) the mystery was solved by jannet.3) fingerprints and shoeprints on the wall and floors of the kitchen were found by me.4) peter was bumped by s...Read More
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Idon't think that to your mom and go to sleep first.and then wake up 1: 00pm then sleep 3: 00pm to think that,okay? so go sleep first before study.relationship first before...Read More
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This question was raised in the recent debate in applied linguistics between widdowson and de beaugrande involved a dispute about the relationship between text and discourse. widdo...Read More
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i find his excuses hard to swallow, he’s lying. the police have been digging around in his accounts looking for evidence of fraud. he’s a really bright spark, so i think he’ll do...Read More
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The old teachings from his elders make him happy because he gained a better understanding on the things that can give people true happiness....Read More
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