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Religion, 09.02.2021, kateclaire
We should always include God in our daily lives. When we pray, we will find our true happiness because prayer is the time when we talk to God and tell him our thoughts. We can buil...Read More
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English, 09.02.2021, kuanjunjunkuan
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Matthew, Bartholomew, James son of Zebedee, James of Alpheus, John, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Thaddeus, Simon Peter, Simon of Cananaean, Judas son of James, Judas IscariotExplanation...Read More
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Science, 09.02.2021, lhadyclaire
To resist falling into the clutches of sinful lifestyle and structures, you must avoid the occasion of sin. A sin is an act that is against God's law. According to Baltimore Cathec...Read More
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answernaging agrisiboExplanation:dahil NOON ay kalisa o kabayo ang sinasakyan ng nakakarami at NGAYON ay meron nang tecnolehiya na ating magagamit tulad ng MRT sa luzon at iba pa....Read More
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Music, 09.02.2021, cleik
2 Halimbawa:Alam niyo namang dapat huwag hahayaang gumala ang mga alaga dahil kinukuha ito ng mga taga-baranggay ngunit ipinapasok niyo lamang ang inyong alaga kung may nanghuhuli...Read More
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Music, 09.02.2021, elaineeee
ang pinapahiwatig ng i"it was the best of times,ito ang pinaka magandang oras halimbawa ito ang pinaka magandang oras para sabihin mahal ko sya,then sa it was the worst of times it...Read More
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God gave us the gift of free will even though He already planned what's happening in our lives in order for Him to know if what will we choose between good and evil. Our decisions...Read More
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Geography, 09.02.2021, girly61
Remember that even though the world is full of lies, there are still people who are honest and living up to their morals....Read More
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First, you have to observe the culture, tradition of the people in a particular region and nation.  You have to study the nature of their lifestyle, their religion and know them th...Read More
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