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3600.   6: 5   is equal to 2,200.divide the total number of freshmen and sophomore students, which is 2,200 to 11, the sum of the ratio 6 and 5 (6+5=11)the answer to that...Read More
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1)d. business transactions2)false3)a. unearned expense4)a. credit5)a. credit6)false7)b. debit8)b. expenses9)b. true10)a. debit11)b. false12)a. false13)d. immediate recognition14)d....Read More
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The answer is 40, 41, 42 and 43solution: let x be the 1st numberx+1 be the second numberx+2 be the third numberx+3 be the fourth numberequation: x + x+1 +x+2 + x +3 = 1664x + 6 = 1...Read More
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