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King minos is the one who hired him to build a labyrinth. to put a minotaur inside, so that his enemies will be put inside the labyrinth to be eaten by the minotaur....Read More
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answer:Cause I simply love you and there's no more explanation. It just that my heart beats only for you and I can't do anything but to follow it....Read More
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Actually, I don't know about dramas but I know about fantasies. I would make the theme as fantasy because it is kinda like my personality!How about you? What is your personality? Y...Read More
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answer:Indirect discrimination is when there is a rule or requirement that is the same for everyone but unfairly affects some people.For example, an employer has a policy that peop...Read More
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Compound subject has two or more subjects.compund predicate has two or more verbs or verb phrases that share the same subject and joined by a conjuction...Read More
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