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"Pagdating sa dulo nabali Ang sanga kapos Ang kapalaran humanap ng iba"Explanation:dahil masakit itong pangyayari sa isang taong namimitas.kng sa pag ibig Naman ayy masakit ito dah...Read More
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ang paglagay ng hintuturo sa labi ng na portrate. pero marami rin ang simbolo ng silence halimbawa ang pagsarado ng kamay ng nakaitaas pero hindi lang yan....Read More
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The harana is the way you court your loved people while kundiman is a song used to court a people or it is kind of love songExplanation:this my understanding about the differences...Read More
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Symphonie Fantastique MiddleThe Middle of the symphonie fantastique starts from 2:16 minutes up to 05:38 minutes. AtmosphereThere is ascent in the musicIt ends in the key of E, whi...Read More
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letter CExplanation: Concerto is a musical work with different movements for an instrumental soloist and orchestra. It is a classical music composition that generally compose of t...Read More
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