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Answer is b, share capital. share capital appears only in the balance sheet of corporations. share capital does not appear in the balance sheet of single proprietorship or partners...Read More
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What problems do you see with using chain ratio method for predicting demand? The Chain Ratio Method of predicting demand is no a complete system of predicting the demand for your...Read More
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Ang tamang sagot ay 38. Ang ginamit na formula dito ay tinatawag na demand curve. Ang Demand Curve ay isang graph na nagpapakita ng baligtarang relasyon ng quantity demanded ng pro...Read More
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Subject EconomicsThe correct answer among the above listed choices is letter a. Under accrual basis of accounting,recording interest revenue has an effect to increase equity.Intere...Read More
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ASEAN was formed so the countries that is involved will have a better chance to negotiate trade deals with more established economies such as Japan, US, China, India, etc, that wil...Read More
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LiabilitiesIn accounting, liabilities are the resources that a company owes to another company or people.Two types of liabilityCurrent liability - liabilities that must be paid wit...Read More
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RESEARCHWhat happen to mankind if no research was done?1. Man will not be able to increase it's personal knowledge and a contribution to humanity.2. Man will not be able to develop...Read More
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dExplanation:globalization connects us to other countries. we exxhange resource to toher countries.even theyre religion, way of living, and those Kpops are all Globalization...Read More
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