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Abstract painting has no definite angle, expressionism is when you just paint by your own accord, you paint your own world and how you want it to be. It is non-representative since...Read More
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19th centuryExplanation:Although modern sculpture and architecture are reckoned to have emerged at the end of the 19th century, the beginnings of modern painting can be located ear...Read More
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painting po..?Explanation:para po sa akin ang painting po ay isang art na may deep meaning sa paggawa...ang painting po ay naguging inspiration po sa iba para po mabing masaya/ or...Read More
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The benefits of Panagbenga Festival are:It helps people recognize it, the culture, the people, and arts and crafts of the festival and country. They also make people happy....Read More
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perfect by ed sheeranExplanation:because for me it will to us girls some inspiring tone and lyrics that can fell to us the love from the boys...Read More
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egyptian ancient Explanation:is to make deceased afterlife place pleasant....Read More
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