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droga iwasan para kinabukasan mapahalagahan kung ikaw nalulung sa droga iwasan na baka kinabukasan mo masiraExplanation:dapat itong iwasan para hindi masira ang kinabukasan...Read More
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SHORT TERM:Impaired judgment False sense of affection Confusion Depression Sleep problems Severe anxiety Paranoia Drug cravings Muscle tension Faintness and chills or swelling Invo...Read More
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answer:well the possible causes of child rape is that when parents really neglecting the child or don't have time for the child.2.when the child is going/talking to strangers3.the...Read More
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EFFECTS OF WATER POLLUTIONWater is life. Two third of the earth is composed of water. Water is the most important resource on earth. Without water life on earth has no essence. One...Read More
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Subject EconomicsThe correct answer among the above given listed choices is letter e. Demand for real estate is not an effect of deforestation but rather can be a cause of deforest...Read More
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