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4restExplanation:4 beats ay may pares na rest every note sa beats ay may rest...Read More
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Filipino Kundiman: Sarung Banggi. A kundiman is a Filipino love song traditionally sung by a man wooing the woman of his dreams. Sometimes, the young man will be accompanied by fri...Read More
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Gamelan (/ˈɡæməlæn/[1]) is the traditional ensemble music of Java and Bali in Indonesia, made up predominantly of percussive instruments....Read More
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Mother was singing a lullaby to the child as autumn winds blew outside She would stay awake the whole night thinking of her husband and singing a lullaby to her child Then the sp...Read More
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debussy was 13 years older than ravel. the 2 differed greatly in their personalities and approach to music. debussy was more spontaneous and libreal in form, and he was more casual...Read More
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Science, 10.10.2020, Axelamat
Ang Tempo ay isang salita sa wikang Italyano sa simula ng isang piraso ng musika na nagpapahiwatig kung gaano mabagal o mabilis ang musika ay dapat i-play upang ihatid ang isang pa...Read More
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