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Because "dada" is a term from hobbyhorse which is a popular child's toy. Since it is a toy, the definition itself is playful that is why a group of European artists called their ar...Read More
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we can use art as a way to express yourself, your community and relationship to others and aswe'll as to the earth by expressing your feelings, this is an example of a expressionis...Read More
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Philippine Festivals: Prominence to Local and Foreign TouristsPhilippine festivals are prominent to local tourists because of the uniqueness of every festivals here in the Philippi...Read More
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Here are known locations of Francois Rude's artworks. (Most of his sculptures were lost or destroyed. But some of the molding plasters are kept in museums).Musée des Beaux-Arts de...Read More
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Example of Neoclassical type of building in the Philippines  1. Manila Post office - is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the Philippines. The facade of Manila post...Read More
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