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Filipino, 01.07.2021, villatura
FalseExplanation: The Bible contains violence but the purpose of violence in the bible is to show how to refrain from them not to promote them...Read More
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Math, 01.07.2021, sicienth
-Abel(first martyr in the bible)-Enoch(the man who walked with God)-Noah(A Righteous man)-Abraham(Father of the Jewis Nation)-Sarah(Mother of the Jewia Nation)-Isaac(father of Esau...Read More
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Because "friends" are the people who you mostly rely on. They are the ones who you go to when you are in distress. So losing them is a big part of you because they are basically yo...Read More
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Filipino, 01.07.2021, hellcrack777
10 COMMANDMENTS OF GOD TAGALOG1 Ibigin mo ang Diyos nang lalo at higit sa lahat2 Huwag kang sasamba sa mga diyos-diyosan3 Ipangilin mo ang araw ng Sabbath4 Galangin mo ang iyong am...Read More
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Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand 6 Some time after this, Jesus crossed to the far shore of the Sea of Galilee (that is, the Sea of Tiberias), 2 and a great crowd of people followed hi...Read More
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English, 01.07.2021, alexespinosa
Explanation:the term animal as described in the dictionary means a living organism other the humans which feeds and usually has sense organs....Read More
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The four evangelists in the Bible were Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.They were the ones who wrote the first four books of the New Testament called The Gospels, since they wrote th...Read More
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YesExplanation:Because unity will brought us all together, no matter what religion we have, and unity is already a strong word for us to promote peace, or better yet to say, 'Unity...Read More
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