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Music, 23.11.2020, elaineeee
Sa pagsasayaw ng latin, ang jive ay isang istilo ng sayaw na nagmula sa Estados Unidos mula sa mga African-Amerikano noong unang bahagi ng 1930s. Ito ay na-popularized noong 1934...Read More
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Explanation:includes the Appalachian dulcimer is a tretted string instrument of the zither family,typically with three or four strings originally played in the region of united sta...Read More
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Gregorian chant and troubadour music used Monophonic...Read More
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Math, 23.11.2020, kuanjunjunkuan
Because ppl made it. bcuz for those ppl who has a talent related to music they can show their talents by doing and performing it★...Read More
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Filipino, 23.11.2020, enrica11
membranophones, which add timbre to the sound of being struck, (this includes the entire family of drums)idiophones, (made of such material such as wood, metal, or bone, examples a...Read More
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