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15ang sagot  shsfhsffdfhshshhshfhhfhsfsdshfdhhhhdshhshsshg...Read More
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hey what is a modulus? modulus stands for absolute location. this means, the value of anything inside a modulus is always positve but not negative. hence, the answer is | 5 - 3x...Read More
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largest even 1. if you get an odd number, put an eight in the units column. 2. if you get an even number, put a nine in the tens column. 3. if you get a zero, put a nine in the ten...Read More
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The answer is one. the maximum number of balls to be removed from the first bag while making sure that it still contains two colors is 2 because if you exceed, you may have got all...Read More
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[tex]48 = 2^4*3 \\ 124=2^2 *31[/tex]the lcm of 48 and 124 is  [tex]2^4*3*31=1488[/tex]ans: 31 is the least number by which 48 must be multiplied to in order to produce a mult...Read More
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