Write a short narrative (at least 10-15 sentences) about customers needs and wants


Sa ating pamilya


Dahil sila ang unang makaka-intindi sa lahat ng problema natin. Ang pamilya ay nagtutulungan sa lahat ng problema na mayroon ang isang kasapi nito. Kaya mahalagang malaman ng ating pamilya kung tayo ay mayroong problemang kinakaharap, simple man o mahirap. Dahil walang problema na hindi malulutas kung sama-sama itong hinaharap.


Because it will give more taste to food you cook

As cellular users change mobile phone frequently, mobile phone recommendation system is of great importance for mobile operator to achieve business benefit. There are essential challenges for researchers to design such system. Among them, a critical one is how to obtain and model user's interest of mobile phone.

d. search engine optimization

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