Write a case study determining the pros and cons of multimedia tools amd selct the best and site references and evidences​


It is called email spam or junk email.



Entrepreneurial Organization


The main structures for organizing a business enterprise are the entrepreneurial organization, the bureaucracy, professional organization, divisional organization and innovative organization, according to management theorist Henry Mintzberg. Compared to the divisional organization, whose business processes are segmented into highly diversified departments, the entrepreneurial organization is generally unstructured. The entrepreneurial organization is a simple organizational form that typically includes one large operational unit, with one or a few individuals in top management. This has made it a more flexible organization.



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toyota motor company is a reputable automobile brand globally. the company has penetrated different markets across the globe making the toyota brand a common household name. the success of the company is evident in its expansion and growth in terms of market share, production capacity, and financial performance which have shown positive changes over the years. however, the 2009/2010 incident where the company had to recall over eight million vehicles was a major blow to the company’s reputation and growth. such a massive recall sends chilling messages to the customers across the world. the obvious thought that comes to customers when a company makes such major product recalls is worrying about the quality and safety of the product. therefore, the recall of eight million vehicles had a major negative impact on the toyota. reputational damage is not new or unique to toyota. other automobile companies have also recalled their vehicles for various faults including general motors and ford motor company. moreover, many other global brands in different industries have suffered major reputational damages for various reasons. what is more important for toyota is to try to rebuild the good reputation of producing high quality vehicles and win back customer confidence. to do this the company must derive lessons from the recall incident.

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