How can we manage a risk?


Disinfection does not necessarily kill all microorganisms, especially resistant bacterial spores. it is less effective than sterilization

It help me to make my work fast

example you need to make a presentation before we use manila paper or cartolina but now we have a PowerPoint using laptop

1. Accept The Risk

Accepting the risk means that while you have identified it and logged it in your risk management software, you take no action.

2. Avoid The Risk

You can also change your plans completely to avoid the risk.This is a good strategy for when a risk has a potentially large impact on your project.

3. Transfer The Risk

Transference is a risk management strategy that isn’t used very often and tends to be more common in projects where there are several parties.

4. Mitigate The Risk

Mitigating against a risk is probably the most commonlymitigation of risk used risk management technique.

5. Exploit The Risk

Acceptance, avoidance, transference and mitigation are great to use when the risk has a negative impact on the project.

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