Discuss the impact that the current pandemic(covid19) has on the food and beverage sector. cite at least 3 and explain your answers.


Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics. Charles Ludwig retells Michael Faraday's remarkable life story in fictionalized form. Here is the father of the electric motor, the dynamo, the transformer, the generator.

Instead butter is usually melted before the eggs and then the dry ingredients are added and a chemical raising agent, like baking powder is used to help the cake rise.


characteristics of a good solder


1.  Complete contact with the board and component. Meter shows zeroresistance

2. Lead covers only the solder point does not overflow to other connections that would create a short.

3. Lead is heated properly so it shines

Henry Sy who's the owner of SM malls is the richest man in the Philippines but he passed away so the malls are now managed by his son.

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