Between location and quality of product/services, which of the two factors do you think is greater in impact? justify your answer.



1.) The changes brought by the 21st century had already shaped customer buying behaviors in ways unimaginable. For instance, seeing a Tweet or a Facebook post featuring a particular food which gained tons of likes, shares and good reviews is already enough to encourage users to buy them–or go with the trend. It is best that establishments always follow the modern trends to be on top of everything and attract customers to the fullest–from varying food choices depending on the seasons to giving away discounts and freebies. Nowadays, with the higher standards of living, people will choose to buy food which is worth their money–meaning the quality, price and any extra benefits (like convenience from the packaging) from of the product is at stake too!

2.) A well-planned menu a.k.a a menu with readable font, carefully placed and identifiable pictures and prices, and justifiable design related to the establishment, definitely attracts customers.

3.) A restaurant's menu is like an invitation. It has to be presentable and understandable inorder to entice people to buy. People would not know your product unless you present it to them on a personal scale–and that can be done through your menu. While it provides the list of their options, it also sets the mood of the restaurant. This can make the customers feel interested, relaxed and comfortable. For an example, elegant menus just shows how classy the products are and raises the bar of what to expect from the food.

4.) While an establishment's location is indeed a big factor to gather customers, maintaining a consistent good quality product and service has greater impact. Imagine the power of word of mouth once people started talking about it–the location won't matter anymore as crowds would be the ones adjusting and giving the place a try, out of curiousity for this new product which is the hot talk in town.



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