How natural and physical affect your bussines​


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a lot of information could be useful and fascinating - if it’s global scope, it could be effects of recurring (like, holidays or festivities) or sporadic (like, large concerts or football games) on tourism industry and comparison by country. or which destinations are preferred by people of which country. or changes in tourism activities and preferences and ages across last 10 years.

from more practical perspective though, otas would love to understand regional specifics, especially how much availability hotels share with otas vs how much they keep to themselves to sell via offline/direct channels (walk-ins, hotel website, phone calls), and what could make hotels share more availability with ota - or any other non-obvious specifics, like maybe advertising hotels with specific resources (temple tours? paragliding? jet ski? ) that is very relevant to a specific destination.

but there’s a lot more, these are just few ideas from the top of my head.

Impact of Natural Environment on Business. Natural factors such as climate, soil, forests, minerals, rivers and ocean have tremendous influence on the functioning and growth of commerce and industry. ... In fact, the mines, flora, fauna, land mass, nature of soil, etc. serve as the basis of production function.


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