How is temperature related to the kinetic energy or particles?


As stated in the kinetic-molecular theory, the temperature of a substance is related to the average kinetic energy of the particles of that substance. When a substance is heated, some of the absorbed energy is stored within the particles, while some of the energy increases the motion of the particles.

The thermal energy in a substance is the total kinetic energy of all the particles in the substance. If you warm a substance or object, as each particle speeds up, the average speed of the particles (temperature) increases, and so does the total speed (kinetic energy) of the particles (thermal energy).

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The higher the temperature the higher the kinetic energy is.

Simply defined, kinetic energy is the energy of motion. ... Kinetic energy is also related to the concept of temperature. Temperature is defined as the measure of the average speed of atoms and molecules. The higher the temperature, the faster these particles of matter move.

Q1. the similarities when you drop dye is the dye scattered inside the container. the differences was the hot water container spread faster than the cold and the warm container

Q2.The one that the dye scatter faster was the hot and the slowest was the cold

Q4.The hot one is the fastest while the cold is the slowest

High temperature contributes to the kinetic energy of the particles. The higher the temperature is means an increase in kinetic energy.

The particles of the hot water, moves faster than tap water, while the particles of the water with the lowest temperature moves too slow.


High temperature contributes to the kinetic energy of the particles. The higher the temperature is means an increase in kinetic energy. The particles of the hot water, moves faster than tap water, while the particles of the water with the lowest temperature moves too slow.

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answer:Q11-Tap Water is the one with the water moving fastest. Cold Water is the one with water moving the slowest.

Q12-The Particles has its own speed of spreading in each container, and I think the Temperature of the water indicates how the particles moves freely, either fast or slow.

Q13-The higher the temperature of a water the faster the particles move, the lower the temperature of the water, the slower the particles move.

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The higher the temperature, the greater the kinetic energy of particles

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