How does the disease affect each of the following levels of forganization


One by one the organs will be affected.
It depends on the disease and what will it cause in a specific level of organization
It affects the level of organism by making the organism suffer because of the disease
Diseases affect organisms in different ways at different levels of the organism. for example, cancer affects cells and flu affects respiratory system...
Disease spreads to our body through our blood and goes to our different organs
Disease can cause death of a person it can cause extinction.
Desease affect some organization because some of this is having a bacteria.
A disease is a spreadable and contagious one that can harm any parts of our body. It first attacks our tiny cells, spreading through our blood cells, plasma, white cells, and platelets, causing the disease to grow. Until its strong enough to attack our organs.

The bacteria can clone very fast and can transfer to another organisms

The disease affect this level of orginisation in all the parts of the body,By destorying its cells to not function well

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