Which of the following parts allow different activites of the cell to happen? a. cytoplasm b. lysosome c. vacuole d. vesicle


Periodicity of elements

one's lifestyle can affect both systems. if you leave a healthy lifestyle, your respiratory and circulatory system will be healthy too. our bad habit towards our body can bring disorders to the different systems of our body. these are the practices that will help us in taking care of our respiratory and circulatory system:

1.exercise regularly. exercise makes your lungs and heart stronger and makes you breathe in more oxygen. through the help of exercise, the oxygen will be delivered all throughout the body.

2.eat balanced diet. this will give all the nutrition you need to make it through the day with a healthy body. these practices will help you in making your respiratory and circulatory system healthy and in good condition.

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I thick letter a and it is Cytoplasm

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