What nigth be the cause when you sometime hear static sound in your radio what can be done to resolve it


You can listen to radios because of radio waves. Correct me if I'm wrong, These waves are captured by the satellite from the recording station to spread and allowing radio to receive these waves and for us to hear.
The static sound may be the result if your radio antenna is on a place where it cannot capture these waves.
To resolve this problem, you may adjust the antenna until your radio receives the signal.
When you hear a static sound in a radio it means that there is no signal or there is no such a station in that channel, and to resolve it, you may switch to another channel until you can hear any sound.
There is no radio waves. point the signal near a window so it may receive some waves.
The radio signal is cutting off.Just simply move the antenna to the right place,when you hear the right sound stop moving the antenna and then sit down and listen.
It may be because of the low signal you have in the area you are on and the way to resolve it is to find a place which is more open to get a better signal

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This could be due to radio interference from other devices like wifi ,etc. this can be resolved by placing the antennae above the noise emitting devices

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