How are you going to protect, conserve, and restore the environment?


The message is sent through motor neurons from the brain and the cns (central nervous system) down to the motor neurons of the peripheral nervous system, which are the nerves that act in a situation

you need to mingle the people professionally with confidence with yourself; moreover, you need to do well with a smile.

Although I'm still young, I can be a big help in saving my home, the environment. I'll actively participate in different nature-saving activities like tree-planting, fun run for our earth and many others. I'll be an active protector of our nature. I'll report wrong doings of man against nature and will help in providing information as to what is the importance of saving our earth. In that simple ways of mine, I can be a great help.
I'll join programs that has the purpose to save our environment. I'll also help to preserve the beauty of the environment. I'll try to throw my trashes on the trash bin.

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