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In what ways plant and animals are different?
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Plants and animals are different because plants can't move by themselves, plants make their own food while animals can't make food are dependent on plants and other animals for their food.

You see, plants are autotroph meaning they are organisms that makes their own food, while animals are heterotroph they get nutrients by consuming something, whether an animal, plants, planktons, etc.

The advantage of plants, is that they can make their own food, with the help of H₂0 (water) , CO₂ (carbon dioxide), Sunlight, and nutrients in the soil,  that they turn into food for themselves and always have food in store inside them, especially when their ecosystem is just right.


But the advantage of animals is, that they can move from one place to another faster, than plants. By moving from one place, they can eat more food, in different places than staying in that one place like a plant.




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The plants are generally rooted in one place and do not move on their own (locomation) , whereas most animal have to ability to walk or to move fairly free.

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