What used electromagnetic wave in diagnosis of bone fractures


Visible LightUltraviolet Axial guided wavesInvisible electromagnetic energyVisible LightRadio wavesRadio wavesRadio wavesRadio wavesInfrared Radiation


Camera autofocusing- infrared
radio broadcasting- radio waves
diagnosis of bone fractures- x-ray
sterilization of water in drinking fountains- UV
sterilization of medical treatment- gamma rays
Camera autofocusing - infrared rays
radio broadcasting - radio waves
Sterilization of water in drinking fountains - ultraviolet waves


Bone fractures can only be diagnose by a Physician or Orthopedist. In order to came up with proper diagnosis physician often requests the patient to have an X-Ray examination and can use CT Scans or MRI scanning.

2.Radio Waves
3.Radio Waves
4.Radio Waves
5.(I do not know i'm sorry)
6.Infrared Waves
7.Radio Waves
9.Ultra Violet Waves
10.Gamma Rays

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It uses an electromagnetic radiation to create detailed images of a bone

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