Flowers are the reproductive organs of plants. how are flowers different from the reproductive organs of animals?
a. flowers need pollinators like bees to reproduce ; animals do not
b. flowers are shed from time to time; nothing is shed from animals
c. flowers have male and female parts; animals have either male or female parts
d. there is no difference between flowers and the reproductive organs of animals

















It is always the sperm that travels going to the egg through a tube canal, fertilization takes place
I think the answer for this is C
Flowers become a fruit which holds a seed, while animals give birth to their young or lay eggs
Both reproductive organs are in the flower,but in animals,the male reproductive organ and female reproductive organ aren't in one body,others have the male one,others have the female one. in short, they are separate.

The male reproductive organ of the flower is called Stamen while the female reproductive organ of the flower is the Pistil. The reproductive organ of the Flowers were different from the animals because a flower can be complete or incomplete


Plants do not grow a baby within the mother’s body. Many plants, but very few animal ( and nearly all of them primitive) and hermaphroditic — they have both male and female organs on the same organism. Most plant, but by no means all, do not provide a store of energy within the “egg” (seed) that is sufficient to produce a partially mature offspring, only enough to produce the mechanism to gather more energy and nutrients. In the case of plants, the seed produces a root and cotelydons. In the case of an animal that produces an egg, there is enough energy stored to grow a separate animal capable of movement and feeding itself. need pollinators like bees to reproduce;animals do not.

A and C is my answer in this question

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