What is the outermost skin of the earth?


Then that would be the Crust.The crust is the first layer or skin of the earth.
The outermost skin layer of the earth is the Crust.
The outermost layer-crust.
That would be the Crust
Crust is the outermost skin of the earth

The crust is the most outermost skin part of the Earth. It varies it thickness from continental to oceanic crusts. It is where the livibg things live and where the life is abundant.

c .crust - the outermost layer of the earth

B (crust)


1.a2true3.b4.b 5.true 6.d 7.c 8.false 9.d 10.d
The outermost “skin” of Earth with variable thickness. – Thickest under mountain ranges (70 km – 40 miles). – Thinnest under mid-ocean ridges (3 km – 2 miles). – Separates the crust from the upper mantle.

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