What happens when bending becomes too much


The rulers separate and vibrate.
The ruler will possibly break because the force on the ruler is elevated and the molecular substances split because of too much pressure.
It will be wrecked because when it bends too much and full of force maybe it will be wrecked
It can break something?
If the ruler bend too much it will break to two pieces
Bending too much can cause the object to break

When the ruler bend too much, it will break apart. The reason is that the component of the ruler does not have the ability to bend or stretch.  

Malleability is the property of an object to be deformed or molded into something without breaking. The ruler is not malleable that is why it breaks apart when pressure is added.  

The ruler is not malleable due to its composition, metals has the only ability to be malleable due to the arrangement of its atoms unlike ruler which is a nonmetal.

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When the ruler bend too much, it will break apart because it is brittle. The composition of the ruler does not have the ability withstand pressure when being enforced thus, it breaks apart.

Brittleness is a physical property of matter. A material is considered as brittle is when force is exerted or when it is under stress, it breaks or shattered rather than bent, warped or deformed.


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If you bend your body to much without a proper stretching you will experience body pain and also some organs may have some damages

Too much bending occurs and the limit is reached the rock suddenly snap or brake...

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