Is the creation of the earth thought to be linked to the creation of the sun? : yes or no?


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Yes is the correct answer
The answer is A. Yes
CREATION OF THE EARTHIs the creation of the earth thought to be linked to the creation of the sun? true or false?ANSWER


This is true, because during the time of Sun's formation, it was thought to be a part of a solar nebula, with really huge expanse of interstellar disc around it that was composed of rocky materials, dusts, ice and remains of the Sun's birth.

These materials that surround the Sun, were related to the formation of the planets, including the Earth.


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Sun is made up of star or a big star and earth is made out of crust, mantle, putercore and inner core


false is the

Yes the is creation of the earth is linked to the creation of the sun

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