How didthe wave affect the water levelnear the rock


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*nepal (eastern nepal)

august 20, 1988


*philippines (northern philippines)

july 16, 1990



october 19, 1991

a quake measuring magnitude-6.6 hit the himalayan foothills of uttar pradesh state in india


september 29, 1993

a magnitude-6.3 quake hit the western indian state of maharashtra


january 16, 1995

a powerful magnitude-6.9 quake hit kobe in southern japan

*papua new guinea

july 17, 1998

a magnitude-7.1 hit at a depth of 25 kilometres on papua new guinea's north coast near aitape.


august 17, 1999

the magnitude-7.6 earthquake that struck western turkey occurred on the well-known north anatolian fault.


september 20, 1999



january 26, 2001

a massive magnitude-7.7 earthquake hit the western indian state of gujarat


march 25, 2002

twin earthquakes hit afghanistan's hindu kush region, one measuring magnitude 6.1.


december 26, 2003

a quake measuring magnitude 6.7 hit the iranian city of bam


december 26, 2004

a massive undersea earthquake off the coast of sumatra island triggered a tsunami


october 8, 2005

magnitude 7.6


may 26, 2006

a powerful quake in indonesia's yogyakarta region

*solomon islands

april 2, 2007

a magnitude-8.1 quake hit at a depth of 10 kilometres near solomon islands' provincial capital of gizo


may 12, 2008

a powerful quake measuring magnitude 8.0 hit china's south-west province of sichuan


september 29, 2009

a powerful undersea quake measuring magnitude 8.1 hit the samoa islands region


september 30, 2009

a magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit off the southern coast of sumatra, indonesia.


january 12, 2010

magnitude 7.0


april 14, 2010

a magnitude-6.9 quake hit yushu county in north-west china's qinghai province

*new zealand

february 22, 2011

a shallow magnitude-6.3 earthquake struck 10 kilometres south-east of christchurch on new zealand's south island


march 11, 2011

magnitude 9.0


october 23, 2011

a magnitude-7.2 quake rocked eastern turkey


august 11, 2012

twin earthquakes measuring magnitude 6.3 and 6.4 left hundreds dead and more than 3,000 injured near the iranian city of tabriz.


september 24, 2013

a magnitude-8.3 struck at a depth of 20 kilometres north-east of awaran


august 3, 2014

a magnitude-6.2 quake struck near ludian county in yunnan province


april 25, 2015

the magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit nepal's eastern district lamjung


august 24, 2016

a magnitude-6.2 earthquake struck appenines region of central italy


december 7, 2016

a magnitude-6.4 earthquake in indonesia's aceh province


september 7, 2017

the most powerful earthquake to hit mexico in more than 80 years, a magnitude-8.1 quake hit near the town of juchitan on the nation's southern coast


september 19, 2017

a major magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit central mexico

The wave simply affects the water level near the rock because the higher the wave is, the higher the water level increases and the lower the wave is, the lower the water level increases.

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