Why did you put smoke particles into the bottle?

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well you could use mosquito spray and stay out of mosquito hot spots. also i have heard that if you wear light colors the mosquitos will not bite you.hope this ! : d...Read More
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answer: explanation: a-iaia,iaii, (alleles of mother and father in type a)b-iaib,iaii,ibii,(alleles of mother type b and alleles of father type a and b)o-iaii,(alleles of mother ty...Read More
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For example, if you open a faucet (the independent variable), the quantity of water flowing (dependent variable) changes in response--you observe that the water flow increases....Read More
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It is hotter/ warmer in april because of the direct rays of the sun. it is cooler in december because the sun's rays hit the ground obliquely...Read More
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Bakterya ang pinakamalaki at pinakamarami sa lahat ng organismo. Ito ay sa kanilang mabilisang reproduksyon o pagpaparami. Mayroong tatlong ur ng hugis ng bakterya: Sperical, Rod-s...Read More
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answer:Health BenefitsMany farm-raised fish are more nutritious than their wild brethren. On farms, fish are often fed a variety of protein- and nutrient-rich foods and pellets tha...Read More
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answer:Examples of beneficial mutations include HIV resistance, lactose tolerance, and trichromatic vision. Rolling the land is beneficial to young crops. ... The ladybugs were ben...Read More
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