If the muscle tissues were injured or diseased, what do you think will happen to the organism


What do you think will happen to the organs if the muscle tissues were injured or diseased?

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What do you think will happen to the organs if muscle tissues were injured or diseased?​
They may fail (such as heart failure after a heart attack) and it can also affect the system where the organ is related to.
The human body is made up of tissues that are essential and sensitive. These tissues, if maltreated, may lead to various diseases. If the muscle tissues are injured, it should be treated immediately to prevent unwanted illnesses. Injured or diseased muscle tissues may lead to inflammation of organs. A swollen organ is very dangerous and may cause sudden death. Some of the examples of this condition are heart and kidney failure.  A person should always be careful especially towards his/her body.
If you are referring to the muscular system, when there is injury to a certain muscle, that part where the injury is present will have difficulty in movement and if it is being moved there will be pain that will be felt by that individual
There would be a problem with movement

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