Identify some devices that needs magnetism to operate


electric fan
air conditioner
desktop computer
All devices that produces sound...

Things That Use Electricity & Magnets
Electric Motors. Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into motion.
Electric Generators. Electric generators are similar to electric motors.
Electromagnets. Electromagnets are man-made devices that mimic the effects of natural magnets.
Superconducting Magnets.

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light, cellphones,internet,computer,television, appliances at home

Electric fan,Refrigerator,Microwave oven,Television,Computer,Electric drill,Blender,and so on..>_<


COMPACT DISC (CD), because compact disc can store large capacity of movies and musics. And also compact disc is the common storage device used for movies and music.

answer:CDROM, DVD-ROM, at flash drive


 and, also, too, similarly, equally , identically, but, nevertheless, meanwhile, however, by comparison, in contrast

Explanation: first, then, in addition, finally, in fact, absolutely, certainly, obviously, definitely

magnetic fields magnetic force

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