How many of the devices you identified inside the control room need magnetism to operate?


It depends how many devices are in the control room.
Four five six seven eight nine
Bilang kabataan naniniwla kaba ng dapat pahalagahan ng kabataan sa kasalukuyan ang mga karunungang bayan ipinamana sa atin ng ating mga ninuno? Bakit?
A control room has a lot of appliances and tools used to operate others. The usually and common tools that need electricity inside the control room are computers, microphone, telephone, electric fan, speaker, cpu, avr, extention cables, fluorescent bulbs, television, cameras, and many others.

In the audio visual room there are nine

> microphone

> updated computer

> laptop

> headphones

> mixer (or sound system)

> led monitor

> phone

> condenser (music)


•A typical broadcast studio consists of an audio console, microphones, computers, studio monitors, and disc players.

•The audio console converts analog audio (voice via microphone) and phone calls to a digital output. It also allows for the mixing of all sound sources from CDs, computers, and other digital sources before being sent to the transmitter. Aslider controls the volume of each sound source.

•The live audio and control rooms are connected by cables for the exchange of audio and digital data signal during recording, mixing, and even editing of all audio-video elements digitally stored on hard drives.

7 devices i think like microphone etc.
6 devices
5 because all student deserved to be beautifull
Magnetics, magnetician

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