Which type of electromagnetic wave used on camera auto focusing? ?


Ultraviolet and x- rays
Radiowaves or known as hertzian waves in honor to henry hertz
Camera autofocusing- infrared
radio broadcasting- radio waves
diagnosis of bone fractures- x-ray
sterilization of water in drinking fountains- UV
sterilization of medical treatment- gamma rays
Camera autofocusing - infrared rays
radio broadcasting - radio waves
Sterilization of water in drinking fountains - ultraviolet waves
Autofocus camera has a transmitter that sends out INFRARED pulses. The pulses are reflected by the object to be photographed back to the camera.

ultra violet rays is the electromagnetic wave that is used by cellphones

2.Radio Waves
3.Radio Waves
4.Radio Waves
5.(I do not know i'm sorry)
6.Infrared Waves
7.Radio Waves
9.Ultra Violet Waves
10.Gamma Rays

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1. microwaves because it can penetrate on ozone
2. microwave again in other cases
3. radiowaves with an oscillated image and sound data signal
4. radiowaves again radar other name is radio detection and ranging
5.uv rays or ultraviolet rays
Light Spectrum Waves

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